Airport innovators

We are the largest group of experienced Airport Innovators (2000+) on LinkedIn, creative people who are looking for new ways to develop Airports and the way we are travelling today.

  • Your profile should be complete before applying for membership (Full Name, Current Position, Education, Past Experience etc., as applicable).
  • Membership is limited to those who is/was engaged in Airport related activities (work, training, education, recruitment etc.).
  • If you are a recruiter who wants to join this group, your profile should show Airport related recruitment activities.
  • Your profile should be visible to other members.
  • Your profile should be in your NAME. Not in the name of your company, group, or organization.
  • Your have at least 10 connection in your profile, if your profile has less then 10 connection write a email to the moderator.

If you want to speed up your approval for this group, please send an email to the group manager. Approval will take approximately one week in average.

Please note that this group is for networking between members not for promotions or advertisements.

Please go to our LinkedIn webpage.

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